Are you seeking inspiration for dental websites?

In this post we analyzed 10 best dental websites that work built using WordPress including their key features that will make it easy for you to design your dental website.

A great dental website has many features:

  • An SEO-optimized website content
  • Captivating visuals (images, videos, infographics, etc)
  • Eye-catching color combinations
  • Easy accessibility 
  • Fast pace functionality

Today, WordPress has a market share of 65.1% in the CMS market and it powers 43% of websites on the internet which makes it the world’s largest content management system.

Now it’s time to share the best dental websites that we discovered.

Best dental websites

1. Village dental 

Village Dental healthy and beautiful smiles to patients of all ages. They create lifetime relationships with their clients by creating a great customer experience while offering general, cosmetic, and surgical dental treatments.

Village dental

Key features of the website:

  • It has a user-friendly dropdown menu.
  • The main headline clarifies instantly what the website offers without confusing you.
  • As you land on the page, you see high-quality video clips running in the background providing a sense of authority.
  • The landing page has CTA for online booking which makes it easily accessible.
  • The website has clear content about each service they provide along with warranty and client testimonials. 

2. Lotus Family Dental

Lotus Family Dental is a California-based dental office founded by Dr. Sayena Mashkouri and specializes in general and cosmetic dental care. They aim to provide and fulfill the entire family’s dental care.

lotus family dental

Key features of the website:

  • The use of cool-toned blue color and whitespaces on the website makes an impression of purity and cleanliness on the visitors.
  • The main headline and typography used on the website are very clear and easily understandable.
  • The website header has all mandatory pages on the menu bar along with drop-down menus to make it easy for the client to reach their desired services in minimum clicks.
  • The website has CTAs with slight animation for each of the services they provide and to book appointments online conveniently.
  • The website has an original family picture of the dentist’s family to make it look natural.
  • It has a google Maps plugin for reaching out to the clinic and a contact form on the home page for easy access.

3. Tend

Tend is an NYC-based dental clinic that provides an entire dental experience with no judgment and obvious pricing. The clinic offers dental examinations along with all preventative, restorative, and cosmetic services. 


Key features of the dental website:

  • The web layout is very simple yet attractive.
  • The website homepage has an interesting video of an undergoing treatment with care and comfort which reflects the clinician’s approach towards their services. 
  • The clients’ testimonials on the homepage encourage visitors to trust their services and validate their expertise, eventually helping in generating leads.
  • The first thing you will see on the home page is the services, location, career, and shop page, and will easily understand what they have to offer.
  • The website has a proper CTA for online booking right in front of you. Moreover, it encourages calls for detailed information and queries.
  • Lastly, it has social media links to reach out wherever the client wants to.

4. Dental Care Seattle

Dental Care Seattle is a group of top-rated local practitioners in First Hill who aim to provide top-notch cosmetic, preventative, and restorative dentistry. They assure you to provide the best dental care with safe technology.

Dental care Seattle

Key features of the website:

  • The layout is very modern looking and has a responsive interface.
  • The typography and headline are incredible for the visitor.
  • The visuals and the background are attractive.
  • The menu bar contains all the mandatory pages for clients’ reach including forms and contact information.
  • The website has proper CTA for appointment requests and “meet the team” page to learn about practicing dentists.
  • The site has activated the google maps plugin linked with the website to help you with directions while reaching out to the clinic.

5. East End Dental

East End dental provides a whole lot of dentistry services. They offer general and cosmetic services to their clients and ensure a relaxed and comfortable environment for an anxiety-free customer experience.

East end dental

Key features of the website:

  • It is elegant and its user-friendly interface helps in reaching more clients.
  • The website has self-explanatory visuals and infographics to help visitors clearly understand and decide what service they desire to avail of.
  • The testimonials on the dental website help in creating credibility and trust among the clients.
  • The CTA is present right in front of you when you land on the website encouraging you to take instant action.

6. Downtown Dental

Downtown Dental is a premier dental group that has two of the largest dental clinics in Chicago. They provide comprehensive dental care to their customers and aim to convert them into loyal customers by giving an overall amazing customer experience.

Downtown Dental

Key features of the website:

  • The use of bold colors, texts, and attractive backgrounds enhance the user experience.
  • The CTAs are easily identifiable.
  • The typography is very clear and easy to read.
  • The drop-down menu items are easy to navigate and quite prominent.
  • The contact information and business hours are clearly displayed on the homepage.

7. Bowels Dental

Bowel dental is on a mission to provide high-quality dental care to entire families. They focus on clients’ care, comfort, happiness, and health while giving them treatments with modern technology and making sure clients leave the office with big smiles.

Bowel dental

Key features of the website:

  • The website’s layout and design are made attractive with fine use of cool-toned shades and beautiful font.
  • The menu bar helps clients navigate through necessary content about services and contact details making it approachable. 
  •  The CTAs on the homepage help clients communicate with dentists and book online appointments instantly.
  • The images on the site showcase the aim of giving healthy smiles to each face
  • The website has slight animations that give it a modern look.  

8. Jackson Family Dental

Jackson family dental is built for people of all ages. They use state-of-the-art technology such as Solea laser, same-day crown, and 3D imaging to deliver, pain-free, anxiety-free, and fast-paced dental care. 

Jackson family dental

Key features of the website:

  • The website has a modern and sophisticated look
  • The website homepage has original visuals and professionally shot video clips as background to attract the attention of visitors.
  • The website has a perfect amount of CTAs on each page for instant click-throughs and accessibility.
  • The website has testimonials on the card blocks that make a web design sleek and attractive.

9. Millbridge dentistry

Millbridge Dentistry welcomes patients of all ages and offers them high-quality treatments in a comfortable and calm environment. They aim to fulfill clients’ oral care needs and suggest what is best for them.

Millbridge dentistry

Key features of the website:

  • The website has a color scheme of vibrant and funky orange color on the white background which makes CTAs more visible to the clients.
  • The use of typography, icons, and images with slight animation is incredible.
  • The menu bar sails you through the general, cosmetic, and surgical pages to help clients easily reach to their desired details.
  • The social media sharing buttons in the footer help client reach the dentist and remain in connection with them.

10. Acorn dentistry for kids

Acorn Dentistry offers comprehensive pediatric dental care to children providing them healthy smiles for a lifetime. The aim of dentistry is to provide a safe and pain-free environment for their children’s dental needs.

Acorn dentistry

Key features of the website:

  • The animated homepage and color scheme create a soothing impression on parents making them less anxious about children’s dental care.
  • The animation outstands all other features in attracting little clients for dental care
  • The site has a CTA bar right on the homepage to book appointments and contact the dentist.
  • The website has a short animated clip for promoting dental hygiene in kids and encouraging them to visit dental clinic for oral care.
  • The use of typography and font colors is eye-catching and easy to read.


These are some of the best dental websites based on design, UX, layout, structure, and functionality. Your website always displays the first impression on clients. If it is not well designed and structured, you might lose your potential clients to your competitors.

We hope that this list of well-designed dental websites would help you build or improve your current dental website and help generate qualified leads online. 

And now I’d like to hear from you:

What’s your favorite website from our list of best dental websites? Or maybe you have a question.

Feel free to leave a comment below.


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