Best WP themes

Are you searching for a best WordPress theme for your blog or a website?

Congratulations! Your struggle ends here.

Literally, there is a sea of WordPress themes out there. Finding THE ONE – that is right for your blog, or a website is definitely an overwhelming task.

But, we have made it easy for you by categorizing the most popular premium WordPress themes.  

Premium Vs Free WordPress themes

You must be thinking, why should I go for a premium theme when there are so many free themes available?

No doubt, free themes are good for you if you are running a family website or a hobby blog. But if you are serious about your WordPress blog or a website, you should consider investing in a premium theme.

Genesis Framework by Studio Press is one of the best investment in our business.  

If you are starting up your new WordPress website, you want to keep the cost low as much as possible but this is not going to help your website in the longer run.  

Reasons where premium themes have an edge over free themes:

  1. Support and updates
  2. SEO
  3. Features
  4. Encrypted links
  5. Uniqueness

And many more.

If you decide to go for a free theme, we would suggest that you only go for the themes available in the repository.

Here, are the best WordPress themes for Blogging, E-commerce & Business sites.

  • WordPress Themes for Blogs
  • E-commerce WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Themes for Business

Excited? So let’s just get started.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

Nowadays, blogging is an important part of the internet and is an essential part even need for the worldwide generation. Blogging businesses experience a 126% higher lead growth than non-blogging businesses.

There are countless reasons – Why do people blog? Like to build a network, for advertising or branding purposes, to gain money and fame, for entertainment and fun purposes, for journalism purposes, and many more.

No doubt, your content matters but if your site is distracting, crowded, or uses a low-quality font your users won’t stick around to actually read what you’ve written. As a blogger, you put your heart and soul into creating perfectly crafted posts, eye-catching images, and attractive leads. It’s a lot of hard work! Also, your website represents your ideas and ambitions, you want it to attract and entertain a steady flow of followers. You need the best theme for it.

Likewise, in WordPress themes, Divi (6%), Avada (4%), and the Genesis Framework (7%) are the most popular themes of all time.

Moreover, below is the list of the best WordPress themes for blogging:


Newspaper is an attractive & elegant WordPress theme designed for content-rich websites such as blogs, news websites & magazines. Also, it is a popular and fully responsive WordPress theme. You can write articles and blog posts with ease by using this theme.

The Newspaper WordPress Theme comes with dozens of pre-built sites you can choose from and thus it saves you from the hassle of searching and testing to find the right design. Moreover, this theme focuses on offering you tons of options each time you post new content on your website and making it super simple for your site audience to find the most suitable and informative content.

Features of Newspaper theme

  • Multi-Purpose website demos: This theme has lots to offer. You will find amazing blog demos that cover a wide range of styles and designs for food, craft, travel, fitness blogs, and so on.
  • Flexible category templates: You can have a huge library of category templates in Newspaper theme. You just need to pick the template you wish to apply and then the contents from that particular category will be shown using that chosen template.
  • Customize theme templates: You can customize theme templates easily via its intuitive front-end editor tool to make your article looks great.
  • Smart sidebars: You can craft multiple sidebars for your WordPress website.  You can also use the smart sidebar feature to monitor where and when those sidebars are shown.
  • Other: You can also add social counter widgets, showcase the photos from social media platforms like Instagram via Custom Widget, show a news ticker on your site in the header section, and many more.

Pros and Cons of Newspaper theme



It is SEO ready with fast performance and clean design

No RTL support

Continuous improvements and updates in the theme

Slight technical knowledge required

Drag and drop editor, hence no need to write code

Too many features and options can sometimes be confusing

Websites Powered by Newspaper Theme

Website powered by Newspaper 9 Theme:
NEWS GHANA PS4 Source Sport Galati Strong Fitness Magazine Bahrain This Week


Genesis Framework

The Genesis Framework by StudioPress is currently being used on over 500,000 websites. Also, it is one of the best examples of WordPress Theme Frameworks and is the second topmost framework used worldwide. Above all, Genesis is a minimal WordPress framework that makes it easy for developers to create custom WordPress themes. Also, you can build incredible websites with this framework quickly and easily.

The Genesis Framework gives you the option to choose from other themes that go on top of it. these are called the Child themes. We ourselves use Genesis Framework for our personal websites and our client’s websites as well so we have plenty of hands-on experience using this software.

Genesis framework website takes very little time to load. Likewise, Pingdom tool gave 96/100 to this framework with a minimum load time of 1.11 seconds. It is professional and has a high-quality. Also, it is one of the best choices for designing a WordPress website.

Key Features of Genesis framework

  • Flexible: You can make extensive changes to the Appearance of the chosen theme. Also, it is highly flexible and vastly customizable for developers.
  • Utilizes child themes efficiently: You can get extra functionality and style from the child themes. Likewise, Genesis Framework uses child themes for design and keeps your site’s design safe and secure.
  • Secure and regularly updated: You will have regular updates to improve and update on the codebase; also, it keeps your site running efficiently in a hassle-free manner, along with being secure.
  • SEO friendly: With Genesis Framework, you will have an SEO friendly website. Moreover, the way it is built, it ensures that the content will be easy to find and understand. It also utilizes microdata for making your site more relevant and even convinces search engines and users too.
  • Design Options: By picking-Theme package, you will have 42 Genesis child themes by StudioPress, and its a vast collection of child themes for different types of business websites like photographer, writer, designer, etc.

Pros and Cons of Genesis Framework



SEO, mobile responsive, and HTML5 markup built right in

There is one way to get the Genesis Framework and all the child themes for free

Use your own custom CSS using customizer additional CSS field

Not easy to use without using additional plugins or having some knowledge of code

A wide range of StudioPress and third-party child themes to choose from

No built-in social sharing buttons

Websites Powered by the Genesis Frame Work

Websites powered by the genesis framework
Wellmot Theater City School Auston
MedHero CBE insurance group



Divi is a complete design framework. It allows you to design and customize every part of your website from the ground up. Above all, it comes fully loaded with its own custom theme options. This is where you can control things like your logo, navigation settings, and much more.

Moreover, Divi is a multi-purpose theme by Elegant Themes. It is admired by users because of its amazing graphics & powerful page builder. Also, you have control over everything down to the finest detail and can create the perfect websites for you and your clients.

Above all, Divi themes comes with powerful design tools which helps you to make your website a success. You can edit any part of the Divi Theme including headers, footers, post templates, category templates and more. Also, You can built and customize your website using the Divi Builder and its full set of modules along with Dynamic Content.

DIVI Theme by Elegant themes - The Best WordPress Theme for Blogs

Key Features of DIVI

  • Shape dividers: You can add custom shapes and effects to your pages, create dynamic transitions between blocks of content, and adding that extra bit of personal flair to your website.
  • Responsive layout: Divi is responsive by default. You can get complete control over every design setting on each mobile device.
  • Fonts & text styling: You can have a full range of text and font options. You can customize text sizes, letter spacing, line height, can change font weights, text styling, and have control over all standard text elements, such as anchor links, lists, and block quotes.
  • Border options: You can add borders to any element using Divi’s robust border editor. Also, you can create rounded corners, have control border sizes, colors and styles and can create unique effects by adjusting each edge of your element individually.
  • Advanced code editing: You can enjoy a fully-featured code editor that makes writing and editing code so much easier and enjoyable i-e: syntax highlighting, error reporting, auto-complete, color picking, and many more.
4.87 star rating- Divi Blog Theme

Pros and Cons of DIVI



Fully featured theme customizer section.

Design is not completely editable 

The visual page builder supports live front-end editing.

 Reports of websites breaking while updating

Lots of ready-made layouts and demo designs.

Can be glitchy at times

Websites Powered DIVI Theme

Websites Powered by DIVI Theme.


Gillion is a powerhouse News, Magazine, Blog, or Review style WordPress Theme packed with powerful, easy to use features, ready to create amazing websites. It is is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is perfectly suitable for all kinds of blogs or online magazines.

Moreover., Gillion is a slick & smart theme that can be used for blogs, publishing websites, news websites, or even small shop websites. Also, this WordPress theme offers lots of features you can make use of to build appealing and professional websites.

Gillion- Best WordPress Theme for blogs.

Key features of Gillion theme

  • Drag & drop page builder: You can take your web build to new levels with this #1 Drag & Drop Page Builder. Above all, you just need to drag, drop, and publish. It doesn’t get any easier or any better than that.
  • Built as a child theme: By using a child theme you can be assured that your modifications are preserved but the parent theme will be kept up to date.
  • Powerful theme options panel: You can control, update, change, and modify many of the elements of the theme without any coding knowledge. Changes are made on the fly so you can see them as you work.
  • Search Engine Optimized: SEO is a careful combination of coding and optimizing for Search Engines. So no need to about your website SEO optimization.
  • MailChimp email marketing: Once you install the Theme, you will be prompted to activate the MailChimp Plugin, then enter your details and get started straight away.
4.56 star rating - Gillion Theme

Pros and Cons of Gillion theme



Designed to be easy to set up and use

Gillion costs $55 for a single site licence and 6 month’s support

Uses WPBakery page builder

Some novices may find its dashboard a little overwhelming

Generous integration including WooCommerce

No regular updates

Websites Powered Gillion theme

Websites powered by Gillion theme- Best WordPress Theme for Blogs



Jevelin is built for business, personal, and commercial websites. Using this multi-purpose WordPress theme you can create stunning websites. Jevelin has also been designed to take full advantage of the powerful WooCommerce plugin.

You can find multiple website demos as well as plenty of customization options and settings in Jevelin. Also, anyone should be able to make good use of this theme from bloggers and freelancers to larger organizations and ecommerce stores.

Key Features of Jevelin 

  • Multiple locationsYou can show multiple locations of your business on Google Maps in real-time using the Jevelin theme.
  • Landing page: By building a stunning landing page for your website, you can attract site visitors and also push them through your sales.
  • Social icon widget: You can add a social icon widget on your website and also can enable social sharing so that you can gather more likes and your readers can share their favorite content.
  • Social proof: Providing social proof on your website is one of the best ways to show your customers how great your business is.
  • International brand: By having the international brand on your website, you can enjoy the RTL multilingual feature, translate all of your website’s content, and cater to your global audience.

Pros and Cons of Jevelin 



Offers 40+ custom-crafted shortcodes

The theme is a bit expensive for the features it is offering

Offers lifetime updates and user support with excellent customer service

$29 charged for a regular license

Drag and drop page builder

If you want to avail extended support to 12 months you need to pay an extra $6.38

Pro Tip

A Genesis framework is our favourite, and you can have a solid foundation for your blog or a website by choosing a solid framework.

Eat Life Whole is a food and recipe blog about bio oil, natural ingredients and healthy recipes. Also, they occasionally dabble in fitness. The company was co-founded by Springer Huseby and Stephanie Wong in 2010. It dedicated to helping people eat better, move better, and all around feel better.

It actually takes the power of Genesis to new heights with their enlightened take on a nutrition and lifestyle website that offers “nutritious solutions for body, heart and mind”. Eat Life Whole clean and uncluttered look offers a rich reader experience that utilizes the flexibility of Genesis by offering lots of content with image-rich design.

With their utilization of savvy email signups and social media widgets Eat Life Whole has a spacious feel and overall enriching design, which matches their philosophy perfectly. Moreover, multiple product and consulting offerings are easy to navigate and the blog is filled with an array of helpful categories for healthful living advice.

Best WordPress Themes for E-Commerce

From startups to small businesses right through to huge brands, there are a huge number of companies that can benefit from their own eCommerce website, where they can sell their own products or services. Also, Ecommerce offers business a whole range of opportunities i-e: from marketing opportunities to increase your product ranges to generating more sales.

Choosing the right eCommerce theme for selling online can be an overwhelming experience because when you sit down and look for them, you see options pouring in for all sides. WordPress E-commerce themes offer an attractive front end and functionality that is needed to sell items & collect payments online.

Using an eCommerce theme can be an affordable option for online businesses because they can eliminate web design and development costs. Below is the list of best WordPress themes for E-Commerce:


The shopkeeper theme is a responsive WordPress theme with great options. It is so incredibly easy to customize this WordPress theme. Moreover, the shopkeeper theme is the most popular WordPress theme for E-commerce with a captivating full-screen image area for the home page. Also, this theme gives a modern professional look to your website.

Above all, you can modify all the elements of this theme i-e: layouts and colors Complete integration with WooCommerce comes out-of-the-box, allowing you to start selling products with no prior coding knowledge or experience required. Also, there are four different product page layouts options are available for showcasing your product.

Shopkeeper - Best WordPress Theme For E-Commerce

Key Features of Shopkeeper

  • Header customization: You can use custom icons in the header section and make the template’s menu sticky. It also enables you to change the background color of the header and the color of the text/links that appear in the header.
  • Product page layouts: The product page of any eCommerce is one of the most important pages. Above all, Shopkeeper supports four product page layouts and the product page of Shopkeeper supports section scrolling.
  • Menus: You can customize the template preview of what the category page looks like when they hover the menu. Also, the shopkeeper allows you to add badges to the menus and has the option to add an image to the mega menu.
  • 3 pagination styles: The Shopkeeper template can show the classic WordPress pagination and a load more button/link below the grid of the posts/products.
  • Inventory management: You can give your employees access to the orders and refund the money of users that don’t want your product anymore. 

Pros and Cons of Shopkeeper



Flexible shop and header layouts

Only one demo provided and no translation panel built-in

A wide selection of layouts to choose from

It may be complicated to customize and set up for some users

Multiple pagination modes

No custom payment options

Websites Powered The Shopkeeper Theme

The Shopkeeper theme showcase


Flatsome Woo Commerce 

Flatsome is the #1 best selling multi-purpose WooCommerce theme designed and developed by UX Themes. It has easy drag & drop page building options which allows you to build amazing pages, even if you have no knowledge of coding. 

Flatsome has all the tools needed to create super fast responsive websites with amazing user experience. Also, unlimited options with a revolutionary responsive page builder, gives you the ability to create anything.

Flatsome Woo Commerce- Best WordPress Theme For E-Commerce

Key Features of Flatsome Woo Commerce 

  • Predefined templates: The Flatsome WooCommerce theme has a large online library. Also, it offers over 300+ predefined layouts and sections to choose from and insert into your flatsome site.
  • Performance: Flatsome can offer your customers an incredible user experience with 98% of page speed. Above all, it is one of the fastest WordPress themes in the market.
  • SEO friendly: You don’t need to take the additional hassle to optimize your website for SEO. Also, this theme has been built with SEO best practices in mind.
  • Page builder: You can style and design your own page for your website with simple drag-and-drop elements. Also, you can create sliders and image grids right from the Flatsome page builder where you won’t require installing additional plugins. 
  • Other: Moreover, Flatsome has full typography control, built-in slider & banner, mobile-optimized design, WPML support, custom product page builder, rich snippets which are properly optimized, and many more.

Pros and Cons of Flatsome Woo Commerce 



Vast library of free images and ready designs

You get support only for 6 months after the purchase

Can get free updates from Flatsome for a lifetime

If you plan to change the theme in the future, then it can be time-consuming

CSS animation and parallax effects are smooth, efficient, and amazing

A single site license for Flatsome costs $59

Websites Powered Flatsome Theme

Flatsome theme showcase- best WordPress theme


Hudson E-commerce Theme

Hudson is an E-commerce WordPress theme powered by Woo-commerce. It’s a simple theme built on the Telsa Framework. Moreover, you can use Hudson to sell your products or services easily, turn your website into a commercial success. Hudson also includes styles for iThemes Exchange, a simple and easy eCommerce solution.

Moreover, Hudson is the perfect Builder theme for your business or personal site. Also, its features crisp, clean lines and typography, all built upon the fantastic Builder framework.

Hudson Theme - Best WordPress E-commerce Theme

Key Features of Hudson

  • Page builder: It includes the visual composer drag-and-drop page builder. You can easily create your website pages.
  • SEO: It uses the best coding practices and includes custom SEO fields to ensure the best results in all search engines. Above all, you don’t need to worry about SEO optimization.
  • Variety of custom pages: Pages and layouts to suit your every need come integrated into the theme and each of its demos. Moreover, you just need to import, choose your favorites, and enjoy it.
  • Typography: It has an incredible collection of 600+ easily interchangeable Google fonts optimized for the web. Also, you can style each font to your taste and be sure that your website typography is perfect.
  • Easy import: Any of the available Hudson demos can be imported within just minutes. Above all, you just need to choose your favorite demo and click import.

Pros and cons of Hudson



100% Customization

So many features and options are sometimes confusing for beginner

Great flexibility

Sometimes you have to wait long to get a response from customer support

Optimal security

Need to pay extra for install extensions

Websites Powered Hudson Theme

Hudson E-Commerce theme's Showcase

Foxy theme 

Foxy themes is a beautiful & professional theme by Elegant Theme. It is designed for business & E-commerce purposes. Above all, it’s an elegant theme with its scrolling hover effect which gives a very engaging user experience.

Also, Foxy is a modern and flexible WordPress theme with beautiful typography, subtle transitions, interesting use of navigation. This theme design specially created for fashion designer and accessories store. Moreover, using this plugin is easy to customize with drag and drop page builder that will help you to create any layout you can imagine fast and easy

Foxy Theme by Elegant Themes - Best WordPress Theme for E-Commerce.

Key Features of Foxy theme 

  • Multiple page layout options: There are many different page layouts that make creating your site easier. You can choose any page layout and customize it accordingly.
  • Unlimited colors: You can change all of the colors on this theme through their easy-to-use customization menu. Also, you can create your own color plate for your website.
  • Responsive format: Its responsive feature is built-in and doesn’t require any work. Above all, you don’t need to get worried about your website responsiveness.
  • Home page slider: The Home page slider is one of the biggest assets of this theme. You can make it look really good with photo editing software, but you definitely don’t need it.
  • Column page layout options: By installing the Elegant Builder plugin you can make it very easy to layout your page any way you want it with a variety of different columns.

Pros and Cons of Foxy theme



Professional look for a variety of churches

You can not click on the update within your WordPress dashboard

Great support

The entire present and forthcoming Themes collection is $135

Easy social media integration

Claims the transaction fee

Websites Powered Foxy Theme

Foxy Theme showcase



Shoptimizer is a fast and light-weight new WooCommerce theme from CommerceGurus. It is built to best practices and focused on both speed and conversions. Moreover, it includes a number of excellent features including a distraction-free checkout, trust badges on key pages, and additional SEO on product categories.

The Shoptimizer WooCommerce theme is optimized for speed and conversions. Above all, it’s fully responsive on mobiles and tablets and loads extremely fast. Also, shoptimizer scores incredibly well across all the major speed benchmarking services.

Key Features of Bazar Shop

  • Optimized performance: It includes nice touches like automatic minification. Also, you can see all the performance data on the theme’s sales page.
  • Request a callback functionality: It makes a great option for high-value items where customers might want to ask questions before they make their purchases.
  • WooCommerce focused: Unlike other WordPress themes, where WooCommerce is an after thought, Shoptimizer has been built with eCommerce in mind.
  • Integrated trust badges: You can easily display trust badges on your cart and checkout pages. You can also add some urgency by displaying a countdown timer or limited stock on the product page.
  • Core pages built with elementor. This lets you edit them using simple drag-and-drop editing. Customers can also easily view their shopping cart without reloading the page thanks to a neat slide-out cart.

Pros and Cons of Bazar Shop



Beautiful pre-designed pages

Shoptimizer is priced higher than other themes on this list at $99

Elementor page builder

Comes with 1 year of support

Minified and critical CSS created automatically

Sometimes you have to wait long to get a response from customer support

Pro Tip

Being an businessman or entrepreneur, Shopkeeper theme is best pick for you. You can easily showcase your products and brands online on your websites. Moreover, it proficiently works with a wide variety of eCommerce plugins.

Best WordPress Themes for Business

No doubt, starting a business is hard work, it requires a lot of determination and learning, and only pays off in the long term but if you put in the work and keep a positive mindset you will succeed! When it comes to business, everything is really important and you should take everything very seriously.

Building a beautiful website for your business begins with choosing the best theme, a design that controls page layout, widget areas, and default style. Likewise, an awesome theme will actually help you to create a strong online presence of your business and grow your business more. Also, there are countless best WordPress themes available for your business.

Are you a business owner and looking for the best WordPress theme for your business? No worries, you are at the right place! Below is the list of best WordPress themes for business:

X- Theme  

X- Theme is more like a theme package than a single theme which makes it different from all the other themes in the market. Also, they come with four completely unique design styles you can choose from. 

Moreover, it is a combination of the very best features, flexibility, demo sites, page building, and customization options.  It comes with pre-designed page layouts as well as ready to use demos to create your website in minutes.

X- Theme WordPress theme also comes with the ultimate flexibility that can be used for different purposes to create different types of websites. Also, they come with diverse features to create a site that fits your requirements.

X-Theme - Best WordPress Theme For Business

Key Features of X- Theme  

  • Cornerstone page builder: You can easily create the page designs of your choice using a cornerstone page builder. Also, this actually eliminates the requirement of looking for and buying a page building plugin.
  • Multipurpose theme: This theme lets You can create literally any kind of website using this theme. Moreover, you can choose from the different X theme demos, to create a beautiful site of your own.
  • E-commerce ready X Theme: X theme is compatible with WooCommerce making it possible to use different eCommerce features on your website. Also, there are different portfolio styles under Ethos, Integrity, Icon and Renew.
  • SEO friendly: X Theme is crafted with strict SEO standards and lets you to create a website that ranks well. You can also integrate your website with one of the best SEO plugins like Yoast SEO.
  • Unlimited customization options: There’s no limit on design customization when it comes to the X Theme. Also, it is a mega WordPress theme with unlimited possibilities.
4.75 star rating for X-Theme

Pros and Cons of X- Theme:



Lots of extensions are included

 The user interface is very complicated

Highly flexible & easily customized layouts

You might find yourself desiring more control over certain elements

Very easy to use but powerful enough for more advanced users

It’s not cheap

Websites Powered by X-Theme

X-Theme Showcase.


Astra is a fast, fully customizable & beautiful WordPress theme suitable for blog, personal portfolio, business website, and WooCommerce. It contains websites with pre-built pages that saves you time so you can put it towards other parts of your website.

Demo designs can be customized easily without using code. Moreover, this fully customizable and lighting fast theme is built with SEO in mind. Also, Astra is compatible with all popular page builders and makes designing your website very easy.

Key Features of Astra

  • Fonts and typography: Astra has 700+ Google fonts being fully-integrated and a free custom fonts plugin, there is no shortage of fonts to choose from.
  • Site layouts: You have the option to choose from boxed, full width, max width, padded and fluid layouts. Spacing can also be adjusted to suit the needs of the user using margins and paddings around elements.
  • Optimized widget: You can optimize your page by using a simple “drag and drop” function to add variations to the filters in your sidebars.
  • Gallery option: Your website visitors can see product images zoomed in and can scroll around to adjust their view both vertically and horizontally while looking at the options to the side.
  • Design options: The Astra theme provides plenty of flexibility. Also, the brand’s logo can be left-aligned, centered, or right-aligned and there are different layouts you can use for the footer.
4.5 star rating - Hestia Pro Business theme

Pros and Cons of Astra



Fast loading speed

The full extended version costs money

Compatibility with other page builders

Support response time is slow compared to other themes

Pre-made design templates

Archive page and blog post styling is basic


UnCode is a Multipurpose theme with which you can create any sort of creative website that you want. Above all, this theme has a pixel perfect design with great flexibility & performance & is available on all the major theme repositories.

It is feature-rich and based on a modified and enriched version of the famous WPBakery page builder. Also, Uncode is designed with performance and user experience in mind. Moreover, it is immensely speed and powerful, page speed being 98% and Yslow speed being 92%.

Uncode has also an adaptive image system that adapts to your visitor’s screen size by a re-scaled version of images for your web pages, which dramatically enhances the performance without compromising image quality.

UnCode Theme- Best WordPress theme For Business.

Key Features of UnCode

  • Album galleries: You can create and manage media gallery collections easily. You can also enable an entire media gallery by clicking just one thumbnail.
  • Animated headings: You can grab visitors attention and bring a page to life with the new heading animations effects and animated underline options with animated highlighting features.
  • Multi-language and RTL support: This theme is certified by the official WPML team. It is a translation ready. All the language versions of your site have to be either right-to-left or left-to-right. However, you can change the direction of any specific element using this theme
  • Enhanced backgrounds: It’s easy to add background images, gradient colors, overlay, videos, and blend more effects to bring your background to life.
  • Module variations: Uncode offers amazing design options like Grid, Metro, Slide, Mansory, Carousel, and Fluid. Also, it offers a professional experience to select attributes for variation products. Moreover, it turns the product variation select options fields into radio images and many more.
4.8 Star rating for UnCode Theme

Pros and Cons of UnCode



You can change anything, it is theme is highly customizable

The demos section is not well

Already optimized for performance

It’s hard to add different fonts in different sections

Premium plugins are included by default

$59 is high compared to similar range of commercial themes

Websites Powered UnCode

UnCode Theme Showcase

Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro has a slick material design multipurpose theme form businesses to arts and more. Above all, it has an incredible one-page layout with parallax scrolling which makes your websites a very engaging & modern look.

The theme is a perfect fit for both corporate and creative purposes, as it provides a clean and flexible appearance, an elegant portfolio, and a catchy online shop. The beautiful one-page layout, completed by the parallax scrolling and elegant sections, will make your content stand out easily.

Hestia Pro has a fully responsive design that will always remain mobile-friendly and will render perfectly on all devices. So, if you want to create awesome-looking content quickly, what you need is a top-of-the-line drag-and-drop content builder.

Hestia Pro - Best WordPres Theme For Business

Key Features of Hestia Pro

  • Fully responsive: This theme has built-in responsive controls for switching your site preview between desktop, tablet, and mobile views. Moreover, you don’t need to take the additional hassle to make your website responsive.
  • Live theme customizer: Besides changing things like fonts, layouts, and color schemes, you can adjust other things as well like the about us section, contact us section, and many more.
  • Built-in SEO optimization: You don’t need to take the additional hassle to optimize your website for SEO. Also, Hestia Pro has the built-in SEO features to get your site indexed and ranking high.
  • Translation ready: This theme was built with a global audience in mind. Also, by native language features, you can attract more international traffic with better user experience and ultimately converting more readers into subscribers.
  • E-commerce: Hestia Pro built with eCommerce in mind and offers a number of ways you can showcase your best work, products, and services. Moreover, you can build a front page for your online shop and provide images, descriptions, categories and tags, and pricing information.
4.5 star rating - Hestia Pro Business theme

Pros and Cons of Hestia Pro



Easily compatible with popular and well-known page builder plugins

Material Design might not be adaptable or may not be suitable for all types of website owners

It has a full blogging module included for the creation of a spectacular blog site

It maybe is expensive for users because it provides a lot of functionality and features

You can make a fantastic online shop site with it

Price is high despite added themes and plugins that come included


OceanWP is a free multi-purpose WordPress theme that makes it extremely easy to create beautiful & unique websites with WordPress. Above all, it is lightweight and highly extendable.

Moreover, this is a fast-loading WordPress theme that has great support for third-party plugins and drag-and-drop page builders. Also, it is activated on more than 300,000 websites and has a near-perfect five-star rating on

OceanWP is a very fast, responsive, RTL & translation ready theme. You can even edit the settings on tablet & mobile so your site looks good on every device.

Keys Features of OceanWP 

  • E-commerce ready: You can build an awesome e-commerce website with WooCommerce. Likewise, OceanWP has a build-in E-commerce feature.
  • Fully responsive:  This theme is responsive by default. You can get complete control over every design setting on each mobile device. iT HAS responsive design so layouts will adjust to any screen size
  • SEO: The theme is build with SEO best practices in mind. It is for better indexing and search rankings. Moreover, you don’t need to take the additional hassle to optimize your website for SEO. 
  • Translation & RTL ready: OceanWP supports RTL languages and can be translated in your own language. All the language versions of your site have to be either right-to-left or left-to-right. However, you can change the direction of any specific element using this theme.
  • Fastest page load time: OceanWP gets the highest grade in most of the top speed testing tools. This theme is developed to offer both usability and good looks, all while keeping the load time to a minimum. 
4.5 star rating - Hestia Pro Business theme

Pros and Cons of OceanWP



Fully customizable

Too many advertisements in the free version

Advanced mega menu

Too many plugins are required to install

Free templates

Demo sites are dated

Pro Tip

Astra theme is best pick for you. It delivers a ton of starter site designs optimized for different niches with full freedom to customize your site however you wish. Even. its free version is capable of serving an online store in best manner.


There it is – 15 awesome premium WordPress themes!  

Choosing a theme for your WordPress website can be a difficult decision to make.

To avoid losing track in the sea of themes, all you need to do is focus on the type of website that you are planning to run & its requirements.

This will help you make a decision faster. 

Don’t stress too much about it, because changing your WordPress theme is always an option.

If you are still confused or have questions about WordPress themes, drop us an email & we will be happy to help.   

Also feel free to email us if you need any WP Support.

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Want to Learn More?

Here is the list of few other guides that will help you master WordPress.


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