Looking for the best massage therapist websites for inspiration to build your own website?

Being a massage therapist, one of the most important tasks you need to complete is having your own website to offer massage therapy services online. Your website will serve as a digital representation of your work. 

Do you know, 85% of consumers find therapists via the Internet/websites? Also, 66% of massage therapists reported that they had a website for their business. It clearly shows the importance of a website being a massage therapist. 

Having a website allows you to serve your clients in a better way which leads to more loyal customers. You can even introduce different marketing campaigns on your website to increase sales. 

In this post, I have listed the 5 best massage therapist websites in 2023 with their key features to inspire you to build your own successful massage therapy website.

Let’s get started!

Must have Features of Massage Therapist Website

With countless websites for massage therapists, you might be wondering how your massage therapist website can compete in such a crowded market.

It’s important to build your website in a way that you can attract new customers easily and get them to book an appointment.

For your ease, below are the must-have features of massage therapist websites:

  • Easy to access contact information
  • Clearly stated list of products and services
  • Online scheduling system
  • About me page
  • Testimonials
  • Media i-e: Images and videos
  • A blog page to share articles and resources to help your clients to succeed
Must have Features of Massage Therapist Website

5 Best Massage Therapist Websites

Massage therapy is growing in demand now. A strong online presence lets you easily communicate with clients, manage bookings effortlessly, and exhibit services 24/7. 

Here are the 5 best massage therapist websites including various brands, styles, and layouts to inspire you. 

1. Massage Naples

Massage Naples offers everything from massage spa services to energy healing and pain management. They claim to have a passion for helping people get pain relief through touch therapy. 

Their techniques range from gentle to deep pressure, but never cause you any pain. In most cases, the clients fall asleep in a few minutes because they are so relaxed. 

Key features of the Massage Naples website: 

  • Well-designed website highlighting the expertise and professionalism
  • Bold, sleek, and visually appealing design
  • Simple header with an attractive logo
  • Striking CTAs
  • Exhibits the services section using thumbnails that link to individual pages
  • Contact information in the header and footer section is easy to access
  • Eye catchy sign up for the newsletter
1. Massage Naples

2. North Tampa Spine & Joint Center

North Tampa Spine & Joint Center mainly deals with Chiropractic treatment. It is a form of alternative medicine that utilizes a hands-on approach and takes the whole body into consideration when analyzing, and treating, pain.

Their team uses a combination of treatments and therapies that are individualized for your specific needs. They understand that no two bodies are alike, and take the time to educate you throughout the duration of your treatment.

Key features of the North Tampa Spine & Joint Center website: 

  • Visual consistency can be observed in the text and images which helps to increase conversions
  • Web design looks cool and minimalist with its color scheme
  • Sticky dropdown menu which helps to navigate the website easily 
  • The simple design of the hero header
  • The clean and attractive testimonials section
  • Contact information in the header and footer section is easy to access
  • Great use of white space to improve the readability 
2. North Tampa Spine & Joint Center

3. Urban

At Urban, you can enjoy spa and clinic treatments in the comfort of your home. It is a trusted company – they check each therapist’s paperwork, skills, and hygiene practices.

Here, you can observe that therapists keep an average of 70% of the fee and 100% of tips. Urban deals with deep tissue and sports massages to beauty, osteopathy, and physiotherapy treatments.

Key features of Urban website: 

  • Content is embedded in a well-designed website
  • The high-quality design impresses potential customers
  • Readable font and clear images represent the consistency 
  • Nice homepage with important elements
  • The sticky menu helps to navigate the website easily 
  • Descriptive CTAs
  • Powerful tagline
3. Urban

4. Vitality Float Spa

Vitality Float Spa aspires to provide the highest quality restorative services that nurture physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia, is an oasis escape from the demands and strain of everyday life.

Their goal is for you to have a solid monthly recovery plan to help you cope with the many stressors you deal with in daily life. They have created a membership program to help you to try out a variety of services to find what works best for you.

Key features of the Vitality Float Spa website: 

  • Striking the right marketing strategies which include a strong web presence as well
  • Influential web-design
  • Displayed various images in the hero header to make the superb slider
  • Listed the services using boxes that linked to each page
  • Easy to book an appointment and to shop for the products
  • Social media integration builds the credibility 
  • Well-defined and easy-to-access membership plans 
4. Vitality Float Spa

5. Amber Dawn Hallet

Amber Dawn Hallet teaches you to decode your menstrual cycle for natural birth control, as well as to conceive with ease when the time comes. And, ultimately to help you find greater peace and power with your womb and cycle through each phase of life.

Here, you can learn to chart your cycle, harness its power, and say goodbye to hormonal birth control for good. Amber Dawn Hallet loves to adore helping women tune into the rhythms of their bodies and is devoted to healing people and the planet, one womb at a time.

Key features of Amber Dawn Hallet’s website: 

  • The hero header section exhibits different images via a nice slider
  • The clean and readable layout of the services section with thumbnails
  • The Testimonials page has a simple layout to improve its credibility
  • Simple Sign up form to generate more leads 
  • Social media integration to improve business performance
  • The checkout process is simple and user friendly
  • The main resources page linked in the main menu is easy to access 
5. Amber Dawn Hallet Massage Therapist Websites


Wrapping up, In this era having a website is become the basic requirement for any business. Being a massage therapist, your website is essential for your massage therapy practice. 

The massage therapist website allows new customers to learn more about your company, services, and how you can assist them easily. 

Inspired enough to build your own massage therapist website?

Now, it’s time to create your own website having all the key features mentioned above. It will help you to build an online presence for your company and reach out to more consumers to increase your revenue. 

Feel free to comment below about which website from the above list inspired you the most and why?

Or, if you need help building your massage therapist website. 

Source: https://wpsupportdesk.com/blog/massage-therapist-websites/

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