Looking for the best websites for financial advisors to fuel your inspiration?

A well-designed and professional financial advisor website helps you to build trust and confidence in yourself and your firm. Being a financial advisor, your financial services can’t survive with a website in this era. 

To cater to today’s target market expectations, you need to build a website by keeping an eye on the latest trends and knowledge. Your website should have a number of qualities to stand out on search engines like consistent branding, fast loading, clear calls to action, and much more. 

Here, WordPress is the best option to build your financial advisor website. WordPress is a free, open-source website creation platform and powers over 40% of all websites on the internet. It is an excellent website platform to create a variety of websites. 

In this post, we have listed the 7 best financial advisors’ WordPress websites to get you inspired. 

Let’s get started!

Must have features of financial advisor website

There are many reasons why website visitors have negative experiences with financial advisors’ websites like their first impression has no impact, they can’t find what they are looking for or they do not make a positive connection.

Getting people in the door may sound simple but it’s not that easy. You have to serve the website visitors with correct information and show them what they are looking for. 

Below, we have listed the must-have features of the financial advisor website that will help you to create any inspiring and eye-catchy website:

  • Clear calls-to-action
  • Easy-to-find services
  • Contact information in all the usual spots
  • Rotating content 
  • Be transparent
  • Thought leadership
  • Responsive and accessible design
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Create relevant offers for your visitors
  • Positive Connections

Must have features of financial advisor website

Best financial advisor WordPress websites 

Being a financial advisor, having a website is no longer an option or luxury, it’s a requirement and a must-have. 

Below, we have listed 7 best websites for financial advisors with their key features:

1. Heighten Accountants

Heighten Accountants is one of the best websites for financial advisors. It helps you to grow your business, whilst working as little or as much as you want to. It is primarily an accounting firm but also have great expertise in finance and advisory.

Also, the team of experts at Heighten Accountants provides coaching sessions for personal development and aims to develop careers too. They understand what you need and develop a plan to get you to where you want to be.

Key features of Heighten Accountants website: 

  • Very well-crafted homepage which includes everything that you need to know
  • Pricing details are clearly mentioned and easy to access 
  • Eye catchy tagline which defines the aim of the firm 
  • User-friendly navigation bar
  • Accessible Call to action
  • Testimonials are embedded to build the trust and credibility of the website visitors 
  • Non-aggressive and good-looking popup which makes it more attractive


Embed non-annoying and user-friendly popups to convert your website visitors into leads. Also, don’t forget to use testimonials to boost the visitors so that they approach you.

heightenaccountants Best websites for financial advisors

2. Stash Wealth

Stash Wealth’s mission is to help young professionals. They use the approach of getting personalized financial guidance earlier in your career. It is the key to both building future wealth and confidently living the life you want today.

Moreover, their uncompromising mission to bring fiduciary-level financial guidance to the “not rich yet” has caught the attention of the industry. Also, you can find them featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Buzzfeed, Business Insider, CNBC, Cosmopolitan, NerdWallet, and more.

Key features of the Stash Wealth website: 

  • Inspiring tag line 
  • Linked their Featured-in sites 
  • Embedded video to explain their key service 
  • Pricing plans are clearly defined 
  • Testimonials are embedded 
  • Listed their featured blogs on the homepage 
  • Newsletter subscription form embedded 


Always clearly mention and define your key service to stand out from the competition. Also, use a unique and indicative message to deliver the information to your website visitors. 

stashwealth Best websites for financial advisors

3.  HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors firm was established in 1988. Their firm has spent decades to earn a reputation for objectivity and empathy in the financial planning and investment management space.

The team of HCR Wealth Advisors is experienced fiduciaries who are squarely focused on all aspects of your financial well-being so that you can focus on what matters most. Also, at HCR, they understand the magnitude of your life’s biggest moments.

Key features of the HCR Wealth Advisors website: 

  • Clear call to actions 
  • Intuitive navigation
  • All services on the homepage are easy to access
  • Shared about the types of clients they deal with the most 
  • The latest articles on the homepage are approachable
  • Testimonials on the homepage helps to build the trust  
  • Linked their Featured-in sites 


With their tagline “Your Partner in Life and Wealth”, they immediately leave the impression on visitors that they are focused on lifestyle and financial planning both. 

Try to incorporate your firm message into the design of your website. It will help in branding your website and also, will improve your website’s visibility in search engines.

hcrwealth Best websites for financial advisors

4. Riviera Capital 

Riviera Capital identifies and invests in entrepreneurial leaders to find hidden gems with a history of profitability. This firm invests in people first, then provides the financial and operational expertise to accelerate the growth of their partner companies. 

Also, the aim of Riviera Capital is to develop collaborative, long-term relationships with world-class entrepreneurs passionate about building a legacy.

Key features of the Riviera Capital website: 

  • The short and simple tagline that defines the aim of the firm 
  • Accessible Call to action 
  • Services all clearly defined
  • A portfolio at a glance is shared 
  • Testimonials helps to build the trust of the visitors 
  • Shared the Key Criteria
  • Featured blogs on the homepage are easy to access


Keep your website design and messaging relevant. Also, being a financial planner, to look professional, your website design should be easy to understand and clean look. It will help the website visitors to find the information easily for which they are searching.

rivieracp Best websites for financial advisors


5. Bragg Financial’s Website

At Bragg Financial’s website, experts begin by listening to you. Also, their team spends a lot of time asking questions and listening to your thoughts, plans, worries, hopes, and dreams. 

Based on your planning for how and when your assets are to be used, Bragg Financial will prepare a written Investment Policy Statement to meet your financial goals. 

Moreover, they provide their clients with the confidence that their planning is in good order and their assets are invested with an appropriate level of risk to meet their objectives.

Key features of the Bragg Financial’s Website: 

  • Shared their years of experience which enforces the visitors to stay on the website 
  • A portfolio at a glance is shared 
  • Short and eye-catchy taglines 
  • The latest blogs on the homepage are easy to access
  • The video explains their services incredibly
  • A detailed description of their firm 
  • Contact information with social media links in the footer section is approachable


In the wealth management world, your content is the key to build the trust on your website visitors. Also, content can be in any form like testimonials, awards, or even assurances. Don’t feel shy to share all this stuff with your clients. 

braggfinancial Best websites for financial advisors

6. Good Financial Cents

Good Financial Cents helped to improve the financial well-being of millions of readers since our inception in 2008. Also, they operate by core principles. Principles are timeless and are the foundational building blocks of financial change.

Moreover, the Good Financial Cents firm is here to provide sound financial advice, encouragement, and accountability no matter where you are in your financial journey.

Key features of the Good Financial Cents: 

  • Accessible Call to action 
  • User-friendly navigation 
  • Featured On websites ensures the visitors that they are at right place
  • Newsletter subscription form embedded 
  • Featured blogs on the homepage are easy to access
  • You can find categories on the homepage
  • Social media links in the footer section makes it easy to contact them


Never ask your visitors to convert from visitors into leads via a call to action. Just make them do something that will contribute to the eventuality of them becoming a client.


7. Mom and Dad Money

Mom and Dad Money firm was started in January 2013. Its mission is to help new parents to come for good, honest, down-to-earth financial advice specifically tailored to the situation they’re in.

Moreover, the road map of Mom and Dad Money firm is to learn which financial responsibilities matter most as you start your family, how to prioritize them in the most effective way possible and all drawn from personal experience. 

Key features of Mom and Dad Money: 

  • Tagline clearly defines the aim of the firm 
  • Comprehensive message from the site wonder 
  • Road map CTA 
  • Shared the Featured By sites 
  • Short and descriptive information about their key services
  • Contact information in the footer section is easy to access
  • For all images, you can find the option to save the image via Pinterest


Always try to incorporate your branding into your website design. It will help your visitors to easily interact with your website. 

Also, Never be too shy to display your awards and achievements. It helps the visitors to build trust.



Wrapping up, a financial advisor’s most powerful tool for sales is a website. You can convert your visitors into qualified leads. Your website should deliver the right information in an intuitive and transparent format.

Being a financial advisor, with your website, you can gather prospective client information as long as you offer something of value. Your website should serve as a preview of your insight into the world of financial planning.

Inspired to create a financial advisor website? 

Choose one of the best financial advisor WordPress themes and apply all the above takeaways on it to create an outstanding and incredible website. 

Feel free to comment below, which website from the above list inspired you the most and why.

Or, if you need help building your financial advisor website. 

Source: https://wpsupportdesk.com/blog/best-websites-for-financial-advisors/

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