Looking for the best service to migrate your WordPress website? 

Migrating your WordPress website is a great and fresh start. Website migration involves everything from updating the layout to changing the URL structure. You can move all of your old web pages to new pages.

But don’t forget, website migration can be overwhelming. Do you know, 75% of all websites lose traffic after a website migration? 

A good website migration service ensures that your website doesn’t lose organic visibility. Also, it helps to improve the rankings process. It enables you to rebrand or grow your business easily. 

Below, we have listed the best WordPress website migration services. Choose one of these services that meet your requirements and get your website migrated easily.   

Let’s get started!

1. WP Minds

WP Minds is one of the best WordPress website migration services. It provides WordPress website development services to build, support & grow a coaching or consulting website for your online success. 

It also helps WordPress website owners maintain their websites by choosing the best website-building tools to lead in their businesses. 

 WP Minds website migration services:

  • Analyze the right time periods to migrate
  • Benchmark traffic, rankings, site speed, etc. 
  • Crawl your site to gather a list of URLs 
  • Backup your database and all site files 
  • Use a sandbox for testing the migration 
  • Update internal links 
  • Implement redirects as necessary 
  • Conduct new benchmarks and compare 
  • Mark all dates in Google Analytics using annotations 
  • Monitor your traffic and results 

Later, WP Minds keep your website in maintenance for 30 days at least to avoid any issues. 

WP Minds maintenance services include:

  • Regular WordPress updates
  • Daily cloud backups
  • Website Uptime monitoring
  • Website performance scans
  • Website speed optimization
  • 24/7 security monitoring & malware cleanups
  • Real-Time activity tracking
  • Monthly reports

WP Minds’ pricing details are based on the package you choose. Usually, it costs from $49 to $749 per month.

wpminds - Website migration service

2. WPExperts

WPExperts is a globally leading 360-degree digital services agency specializing in WordPress. They provide technical WordPress development, consultation, and support services to their clients. 

The team of WPExperts officers seamless and reliable WordPress migration service. They take care of your WordPress maintenance, content updates, daily offsite backups, various customizations, and the look and feel of your site. 

 WPExperts offers:

  • The user-friendly process to migrate the website
  • All-the time assistance with technical issues
  • Team of highly motivated and qualified professionals

 Website migration services of WPExperts include:

  • Data migration including all the tracking codes
  • Media files and SEO URLs migration
  • 301 redirects service
  • Content migration
  • Zero downtime
  • Maintain permalinks
  • Test the entire website 
wpexperts - Website migration service

3. Blog Vault

Blog Vault is the reliable and easiest way to migrate your website. They help to migrate an entire website in minutes with no manual effort. It has a 100% success rate.

You can migrate your site to a new domain from a development environment to a production one or create a staging site by simply clicking a button. Also, you can migrate specific parts of a website easily with Blog Vault.

 Website migration services of Blog Vault include:

  • Automatic search and replace
  • Zero downtime migration
  • Helps to migrate WordPress multiSite
  • Test all the major parts of your site
  • Check theme and plugin licenses
  • Redirect old URLs to new URLs
  • Check your SSL certificate
blogvault - Website migration service

4. Fix My Site

Fix My Site is a company specializing in repairing WordPress. They provide several services that are needed by WordPress website owners. The services include small tasks, WordPress repair, website migration, speed optimization, Malware removal, and website redesign. 

Fix My Site helps you to transfer your website to another web hosting company safely transferred. 

Website migration process of Fix My Site:

  • Website backup
  • Transfer
  • Configure

 Website migration services of Fix My Site include:

  • Website backup
  • Website data transfer
  • Update domain and reconfiguration

Fix My Site safely transfer your WordPress website to a new location for $69.

fixmysite - Website migration service

5. Dream Host

Dream Host is a scalable website migration Service. it allows users to manage their WordPress sites worry-free via automatic updates, caching, daily backups, and a content delivery network (CDN). 

They offer a variety of website migration services, such as moving from your current hosting provider to Dream Host or moving a site within Dream Host between accounts.

 Dream Host offers:

  • Migrating WordPress from your current hosting provider
  • Moving WordPress between dream host accounts
  • Migrating non-WordPress sites from your current hosting provider

 Website migration services of Dream Host include:

  • Taking back up of your domain’s data
  • Moving the discussion/ announcement lists
  • Moving the domain hosting
  • Uploading the website data
  • Moving your domain registration

Dream Host’s pricing details are based on the package you choose. Usually, the costs start from $25 per month.

dreamhost - Website migration service

6. Freshy Sites

Freshy Sites focus on website design, development, maintenance, support, and retainer services for WordPress CMS. According to Freshy Sites, website migration does involve a fair amount of work, you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

At Freshy Sites, the website migration service helps you move your entire WordPress website to your new hosting setup. Their team of WordPress experts oversees the process from start to finish. Also, they can even revamp your site along the way. 

At Freshy Sites, you will get:

  • More technical support
  • Better site performance
  • More resources
  • Better site security
  • More flexibility

Website migration services of Freshy Sites include:

  • Performing a complete backup of your site
  • Scouting out a reliable plugin
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) installment
  • Export WordPress files and databases
  • Creating an SQL database on your new server 

Freshy Sites offers the migration of post types, Media libraries, Content, and users. 


7. Multi Dots

Multi Dots is one of the top WordPress development companies in the world. They have two primary passions: serving people and solving problems.

Multidots is a reputed WordPress website migration agency with strong experience. They provide custom WordPress migration services that ensure website performance and security. 

Multi Dots approach to migrate website:

  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • Initiation
  • Delivery
  • Support

Website migration services of Multi Dots include:

  • Zero downtime
  • Retain search rankings
  • Manual WordPress website migration option
  • Safe and secure
  • Stress-free migration



Wrapping up, the website migration process helps to change your website which impacts the site’s structure, performance, and traffic. A successful WordPress website migration means a fully functional site at the end of the process.

It means that the website should load properly, all the links should work, all the media should display correctly, and most importantly, your website has zero downtime. 

Usually, the migration process can be complex and challenging. This can lead to severe drops in traffic and other long-term problems. To avoid all the issues, you need a good WordPress website migration service. 

Ready to migrate your WordPress website? Choose the best service from the above list and migrate your website error-free. 

Feel free to comment below about which Website migration service you have selected and why. 

Source: https://wpsupportdesk.com/blog/website-migration-service/

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