How to make money with autoblog?

Blogging is and will continue to be one of the top ways to make money online. If you’re interested in making money online but aren’t sure where to start, read on because you’re likely to discover the “secret ingredient”.

The term “autoblog” is not entirely accurate these days, as a blog is typically a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. The key part of the term is auto, implying automation.

In this sense, the CyberSEO Pro plugin is designed to curate content on WordPress websites exclusively in automatic mode, eliminating the need for manual content handling. This makes it an ideal tool for managing automated websites. Whether they are blogs, affiliate marketing sites for Amazon, AliExpress and other products, news sites, review sites for various books, consumer products etc, or sites discussing news and gossip from social networks, it doesn’t really matter. So for the sake of simplicity, let’s call all automated WordPress sites autoblogs.

What is the main secret to successful autoblogging?

The first thing to mention is that you should not count on substantial passive income from just one autoblog. It’s virtually impossible, and here’s why.

If you as a blogger are the source of unique content that is personally associated with you or your brand, then of course a single blog can generate a massive amount of traffic simply because you possess specific and unique knowledge or because you are a well-known personality whose millions of readers trust your opinion and point of view. Maybe you’re a travel blogger sharing your personal travel experiences. Maybe you’re a movie star, an acclaimed author, or a prominent political analyst. It’s possible that you have exclusive insights into a particular field. In these cases, a single blog can actually generate substantial income.

If you’ve decided to venture into autoblogging, it’s important to understand that no content generated by artificial intelligence can contain exclusive information. You can use the CyberSEO Pro plugin to create articles from scratch or delegate Artificial Intelligence (e.g. OpenAI GPT models) to analyze news or technical specifications of consumer products and generate reviews, explanatory articles, critical analyses or anything else based on them. Yes, undoubtedly, your content will be unique, and it can be incredibly valuable to readers (for example, an unbiased and honest analysis of the technical specifications of a new smartphone, highlighting its pros and cons, will be much more useful than a paid review by an “independent” expert). But it still won’t be exclusive.

For the reasons described above, don’t expect to create a single autoblog that will “take off” and make you a fortune. A quantity-based strategy is required. Only networks of dozens or even hundreds of autoblogs can generate real passive income for you. According to the Pareto Principle, only 20% of all your autoblogs will start making real money, and the remaining 80% will simply not gain traction. Unfortunately, that’s the reality. The likelihood that you’ll start a single autoblog and become rich is very small. Yes, it exists, but it’s not something you can count on. If you want to make money from autoblogs, remember that only a mass approach will lead you to success. Yes, that is the secret of autoblogging – a massive network is the key.

In fact, there’s nothing to worry about. An autoblog is exactly what it is – a blog that doesn’t require any management effort from you. Once you’ve created your WordPress site with CyberSEO Pro, chosen your niche, selected a theme, and defined your content sources and strategy, you simply hand over its management to the CyberSEO Pro plugin, which works tirelessly 24/7 to provide your site with fresh, unique articles. As a result, you have time to start a new autoblog, and then another… Until you have a full-fledged network that actually makes money.

How to monetize an autoblog?

Direct marketing of affiliate products

Monetizing an autoblog can be a lucrative venture if done right, and as you may have guessed, the most popular monetization method is affiliate marketing. This involves promoting products or services through your site and earning commissions on the sales generated. The key is to strategically integrate affiliate products into your content and make sure they provide real value to your readers. For example, you can create articles on fitness improvement and sell fitness products seamlessly within your content. CyberSEO Pro provides a wide range of tools to generate WordPress posts with very complex structure.

Private Blog Networks

CyberSEO Pro simplifies the creation and management of  Private Blog Networks (PBNs) – the networks of websites that offer valuable content and links to your affiliate or money making sites. These networks consist of multiple domains with controlled content. They’re used to create backlinks to your affiliate sites and improve their SEO rankings.

PBNs are designed for those who want to boost the SEO of their affiliate site. Imagine higher search engine rankings and a steady stream of organic traffic coming your way. With PBNs, you’re not just casting a wide net; you’re honing in on specific niches and products, attracting the audience that matters most. The result? Consistent, high-quality organic traffic that increases your conversion rates. But that’s not all – PBNs also open the door to monetization opportunities, strategically placing affiliate links and ads to increase your revenue. Plus, they help you establish a commanding brand presence in your niche, earning the trust of your audience.

Best practices for autoblogging

To ensure that your autoblog thrives, follow these best practices to succeed.

  1. Start by choosing your primary niche and the affiliate programs and products you want to promote on your site.
  2. Choose a theme that matches your content and niche. Numerous free and premium WordPress themes are available to help shape your site’s visual identity.
  3. Extend the functionality of your autoblog with 3rd-party plugins. These additions can enhance the user experience with features like social media integration, SEO optimization, and contact forms.
  4. Decide the source of your content. You can draw from a variety of sources, such as RSS, XML and JSON feeds, article directories, social media feeds, or even create content from scratch.
  5. Take full advantage of the CyberSEO Pro plugin. This powerful tool gives you the freedom to implement your chosen marketing strategies. Use its built-in AI functionality to ensure the uniqueness and quality of your articles. Create comprehensive articles consisting of different contextual blocks, including general information, details, comparisons, analyses, summaries and conclusions. Apply HTML formatting to AI-generated content where appropriate.
  6. To reach a wider audience, promote your autoblog network through social media and other channels. Effective promotion will drive more traffic and expand your readership.


Final Thoughts

This article requires a separate explanation for those who may be surprised by the “news” that autoblogs are indeed effective when they operate within networks. First of all, the CyberSEO Pro plugin is not exclusively designed for autoblogging. The plugin is a versatile content importer for WordPress from virtually any source. Thus, CyberSEO Pro is simultaneously an RSS feed syndicator, automatic article translator, XML to WordPress, JSON to WordPress and CSV to WordPress import plugin. Moreover, CyberSEO Pro is also a content generator with artificial intelligence.

Therefore, it can be used for a variety of tasks completely unrelated to autoblogging. So you can use it to quickly and efficiently turn an XML, JSON or CSV product catalog into thousands of WordPress posts and pages formatted according to your personal requirements. For example, you have a regular blog that you maintain manually and you want to make a section or category in it, with product posts that you import from some marketplace.

As for autoblogging, the very concept implies networked use. The purpose of autoblogging tools is to automate the content population of multiple websites, freeing their owners from manual, routine work. Essentially, it’s a replacement for live copywriters and article editors. Its goal is to save you time and money that would otherwise be spent on maintaining additional employees.

There are several autoblogging plugins available, but they do not differ in concept or philosophy, only in their technical characteristics and the tools they provide. These include the number of supported content sources, the presence of automatic translation tools, spinners, synonymizers, comment generators, integration with various artificial intelligence tools, and so on. However, the basic working principle of all these plugins remains the same. Therefore, when you choose the right autoblogging plugin for you, you choose it solely on the basis of the presence of the specific tools you need.

Do not take this article as a description of the features of the CyberSEO Pro plugin, or as a direct instruction on how to use it. The article is exclusively about autoblogging as one of the strategies to earn money, but not about the plugin’s capabilities in general. Thus, the article does not touch on any other available features of CyberSEO Pro except autoblogging.

For those interested in scaling a network of autoblogs but find the investment in CyberSEO Pro a bit steep, RSS Retriever may be the alternative you’ve been looking for. While CyberSEO Pro offers a robust feature set suitable for a wide range of content curation and creation tasks, RSS Retriever focuses on being a reliable and compact RSS/Atom aggregator for WordPress with AI capabilities. This makes it a more budget-friendly option that still delivers in terms of quality and efficiency. So if you don’t need to import from multiple formats like XML, JSON, and CSV, or fetch products from marketplaces like Amazon, RSS Retriever may be all you really need to achieve your autoblogging goals.

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