OpenAI GPT-4o for autoblogging

The powerful capabilities of OpenAI’s latest language model, GPT-4o*, are now fully integrated into the CyberSEO Pro, RSS Retriever and AI Autoblogger plugins for WordPress. Key differences in the GPT-4o language model API that will be of interest to the plugin users include twice the performance, five times the rate limit, and a cost that is half that of the previous GPT-4 Turbo model. These improvements provide users with faster, more efficient processing and more cost-effective access to advanced AI capabilities.

In the CyberSEO Pro plugin, the new GPT-4o model is now available on the “Auto-Comments” settings page, as well as in the “Content Spinner” and “AI Article Generation” sections of the feed settings window. This integration allows users to leverage GPT-4o for more accurate and engaging content creation. Additionally, GPT-4o has become the default language model for the [gpt_article] shortcode implemented in the CyberSEO Pro and RSS Retriever plugins, ensuring consistent and high quality content generation across platforms. In the AI Autoblogger plugin, it is available under the “AI Model” menu, giving users streamlined access to the new AI model.

AI Autoblogger - model select

* Believe it, you’re not the only one who read the new model’s name as GPT version 40. You’re fine; an OpenAI employee, for some unknown reason, decided to put the letter “o” after the model’s version number. Quite a strange bit of creativity…


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