Looking for the best veterinary website design for inspiration to build your own website?

Undoubtedly, Pets are better and most trustworthy companions than humans. When pet lovers search for the best veterinary services for their pets, then having a professional veterinary website is frequently the first thing that leaves a good impression on the pet owners.

In a survey, it was found that 79% of pet owners think a veterinary clinic is not credible if it doesn’t have a website. To take it one step further, the study also concluded that 53% of pet owners will not take their pets to a clinic that doesn’t have a website.

The veterinary website design should portray your practice in a sleek. All your specialties should highlight in a way that helps to educate clients, answers questions, and much more. 

In this post, I have listed some best veterinary website designs with their key features that will provide sample options to achieve your goals of building your own website.

Let’s get started!

Essential design features every veterinary website should have

Your veterinary website should be accessible, functional, and appealing to veterinary clients. A great website is essential for modern and successful veterinary practices. Also, it will become an important tool for growing your veterinary business.

Do you know, 59% of people prefer browsing ‘beautiful and well-designed sites to basic ones?

Must have design features of a veterinary website:

  • Helpful content for pet owners
  • User friendly 
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Easy to access contact information
  • SEO optimized elements 
  • Maintain visual hierarchy
  • ADA accessible

While designing your veterinary website, keep in mind that visitors will take only 0.05 seconds to create an opinion about your website because the first impression of a website is 94% related to the design.

7 Best Veterinary Website Designs in 2023

7 Best veterinary website designs

Do you know, how you present your veterinary clinic and its website is just as important as how you take care of the animals that come through your door? And, this is a very important point to consider for pet owners while looking for a veterinarian. 

Below, I have listed some best veterinary website designs with their key features. It will help you to make the right impressions on the website owners. 

1. Bakersfield veterinary hospital

Bakersfield veterinary hospital helps pets live long, healthy, and happy lives. They deliver the best medical care for pets and the best experience for pet owners. Their veterinarians, technicians, and other pet-friendly support staff are trained to the highest standards. 

It provides various services like grooming, wellness, health maintenance, diagnosis, pet surgery, dental care, client services, end-of-life support, boarding, and emergency services.

Key features of the Bakersfield veterinary hospital website:

  • Engaging and informative content
  • Creative visualizations give it a mesmerizing look
  • Easy to book an appointment 
  • Well structured navigation 
  • The emergency appointment booking button in the header section helps to get everything ready at the hospital before arrival
  • Attractive and effective homepage
  • Hospital hours and contact information in the header section are easy to access

2. Richland Animal Clinic

The experienced veterinary team at Richland Animal Clinic provides comprehensive medical care, ranging from routine to advanced procedures and treatments. They handle the majority of your pet’s medical and surgical needs in-house, 

They occasionally refer patients to veterinary specialists or specialty clinics when advanced training or equipment will be beneficial. 

Key features of the Richland Animal Clinic website:

  • The header section of the homepage is incredible which includes the clinic phone numbers, social media links, and a button for scheduling an appointment. 
  • Custom-made video introducing you to the clinic and staff
  • Their services, reviews, and bios pages are made available that help in the decision-making process
  • Clear directions for the visitors to take
  • Location and Clinic hours can be found in the first fold of the website 
  • Staff profiles are easily accessible with just one click which makes it easier for you to decide who you want to work with.
  • Testimonials are embedded to increase the credibility
Richland Animal Clinic

3. Somers Animal Hospital

Somers Animal Hospital’s website voluntarily chooses to be AAHA accredited because it is the model by which they want to be recognized to define their brand and their character. 

They want your pets’ caregivers to be held to the highest possible standards in veterinary care. Pets do not choose their veterinary hospital, pet parents do. AAHA is their voice. Accreditation indicates that we are serious, unwavering, and a dedicated part of a team larger than ourselves.

Key features of the Somers Animal Hospital website:

  • Pet owners can set an appointment with ease 
  • The warm and welcoming homepage introduces the brand with a perpetual video background
  • To make an appointment element comes as a primary CTA
  • Animations upon scrolling enhance the overall design of the website
  • Website impresses the visitors with an excellent testimonials section
  • Well-structured and easily navigated website
  • An ideal contact section that includes the address, contact number, email address, and hours
Somers Animal Hospital

4. Brace Bridge Animal Hospital

The goal of the Brace Bridge Animal Hospital is to provide prompt, courteous, and compassionate care to their clients and their animal companions. 

They strive to continually expand their knowledge and services to improve the lives of their animal companions and to help them live longer and healthier lives.

Key features of the Brace Bridge Animal Hospital website:

  • Resourceful, well-organized, and innovative website 
  • Emergency Assistance details are added in bold red at the top of the website 
  • Simple and clean layout
  • Contact details are displayed on the top of every page which makes them easy to approach
  • Enables a visitor to shop from the numerous products for their pets
  • Features sample articles that will help pet lovers ensure the happiness, wellness, and security of their pets
  • Showcases the professional vets behind this firm by using a slider
Brace Bridge Animal Hospital

5. Orlando Vets

The Orlando Vets animal hospitals are driven by a passion for helping pets and giving their people the support they deserve. They know that your pet is precious to your family, and when they’re happy, you’re happy. 

Their purpose is to enrich the lives of pets and their families through personalized partnerships. They value integrity and treat all people and patients with dignity and respect.

Key features of the Orlando Vets website:

  • A unique interface that is well put together and easy to navigate
  • Incredible left-side sticky menu 
  • Core values are adding a flavor of trust
  • Tabs are used to showcase the information for each of their multiple locations. It makes it extremely easy for visitors to find the correct contact information for the location nearest them
  • Each section is uniquely designed
  • Supporting content 
  • Non-aggressive CTA to make the website more attractive

6. Vancouver Veterinary

Vancouver Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to the highest quality medicine with the most current medical knowledge and surgical techniques. Their team members are not only gentle and compassionate with animals but are also committed to providing the best care for you and your furry family member. 

They treat every client as an individual and realize that every pet and its owner have different medical, emotional, and financial needs. They provide excellence in pet health care in a warm and compassionate environment with sensitivity.

Key features of the Vancouver Veterinary website:

  • Sophisticated and innovative website design
  • Easy navigation of the site, so you don’t get lost
  • Utilizes a full-width image and large boxes to link with the team page, services, and laser therapy
  • Showcases different awards they’ve gained to increase credibility and authenticity
  • Contact information is displayed in the footer which makes it easy to contact them
  • A subtle call to action
  • The color theme of the coaching website gives a nice vintage look
Vancouver Veterinary website:

7. PetCure Oncology

PetCure Oncology is unconditionally committed to delivering industry-leading cancer care to pets and unwavering support to the families who love them. They believe pet parents deserve the best clinical expertise and advanced treatment options for their pets.

Pet families are given guidance, knowledge, and access to comprehensive and compassionate pet cancer care. Together with their pet patients and their families, they share in the cancer journey. 

Key features of the PetCure Oncology website:

  • The center content structure leaves no room for congestion
  • Utilizing shades of blue as its primary color makes the website looks cool and calm
  • Eye catchy and simple homepage design which includes all the essential features
  • Showcases the blog or news articles using a slider
  • Success stories are boosting the credibility
  • Social media icons of 7 platforms so you can make an informed decision by knowing who they really are.
  • Showcases the pet heroes who have joined the clinical trials
PetCure Oncology website Veterinary Website Design


Wrapping up, Websites for veterinarians heavily rely on a strong online presence. Pet owners put a lot of effort into providing their pets with the best that includes the veterinarian they choose as well. 

A good veterinary website should be beautifully designed, fully customizable, highly engaging, and impactful. Popular features of the veterinary website make a good impression on your visitors and urge them to book your services. 

Ready to build your own veterinary website? 

Build an incredible and eye catchy veterinary website using the above key features to provide your veterinarian’s services. It will increase your visibility online and build credibility which helps you to expand your target audience and generate more revenue. 

Feel free to comment below about which website from the above list inspired you the most and why.

Or, if you need help building your veterinary website. 

Source: https://wpsupportdesk.com/blog/veterinary-website-design/

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