Disclaimer: Please use the content spinning feature described below responsibly and not for plagiarizing others’ content. Its primary purpose is for online marketing, such as rewriting advertising messages and product descriptions from various affiliate marketing platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and AliExpress. Furthermore, it can be employed for making unique advertising articles provided by different affiliate programs to promote their products.

We’re excited to announce that CyberSEO Pro version 10.070 now offers the ability to use OpenAI GPT as a content spinner. You can select this option from the drop-down menu labeled Content Spinner on the feed settings page.

CyberSEO Pro OpenAI GPT content spinner

This feature uses the GPT-3.5 Turbo model, chosen for its optimal balance of content quality, processing speed, and cost-effectiveness. As OpenAI GPT continues to develop and improve, the OpenAI GPT content spinner in CyberSEO Pro will also be refined and modified over time. Please consider this feature as experimental.

While the existing AI article generation method offers various GPT prompt options, it has some limitations. For example, it can only process smaller fixed-size articles due to the maximum request size set by the OpenAI GPT model. Additionally, it rewrites the entire text without preserving the original structure and removes all HTML elements, like tables, images, and video embeds.

The OpenAI GPT content spinner overcomes these drawbacks. It strives to maintain the primary structure of your document, including paragraph breaks and media content. Moreover, it doesn’t have a rigid limit on the size of articles it can process. While it’s not suitable for extremely large texts like the Bible or “War and Peace,” it can efficiently handle average-sized page.

Important: Currently, the OpenAI GPT content spinner works only with English texts. Some side effects may occur during the rewriting process, as it uses the same AI employed by the ChatGPT 3.5 bot. So it’s not suitable for the news articles, because OpenAI GPT has a lot of restrictions on the processed content (wars, hate, personal insults, propaganda etc.) For the same reason please avoid using OpenAI GPT spinner for mature rated content. Nonetheless, the feature offers a valuable tool for marketers who need to create unique content for their advertising campaigns or product descriptions on affiliate platforms.

Please remember to use the OpenAI GPT content spinner responsibly and ethically, focusing on online marketing applications rather than spamming or plagiarizing. Together, we can make the most of this powerful feature to enhance our marketing efforts and achieve greater success.


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